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If you are looking to get in touch with Experian via their address and or contact telephone number to get a free credit check then we can help.

If you feel you have a bad credit history but wish to see about getting a mortgage or remortgage, please complete the Free Quote enquiry form.  Applicants with adverse credit are welcome here.


Experian play a large part in the UK Mortgage Market. When you are applying for a new mortgage or remortgage the lender you apply to will always be very interested to see your payment record with your current lender if you have one, and any loans or store cards etc. Their fear is that if you have not paid your current credit arrangements regularly why should they expect you would pay them?

Experian provides mortgage lenders with information and analysis to help them make important lending decisions. As the UK's leading credit reference agency they can not only help the lenders they can also help you understand and manage your credit information. If you can see the pitfalls you may be able to repair your credit history.

Experian Free Credit Report

To view your personal credit information that lenders are currently basing their mortgage lending decisions on, apply now to see your report online. Click here for a "Free" copy of your Credit Report from Experian, the UK’s largest credit reference agency.

Experian Credit Score

An awful lot of people in the UK get into financial difficulty at some point throughout their life. This can be for one of many reasons, breakdown of a relationship, redundancy, etc. Keeping up the payments on any form of credit is usually near the top of everyone’s list of financial priorities but when the pressure builds on finances, something has to give.

If you have had bad credit problems in the past you may still be able to get the mortgage or remortgage you are looking for. There are lenders out there who are prepared to take the added risk. You will though as a general rule need a bigger deposit than normal. A good rule of thumb for a poor credit loan is that you will need a 15% deposit or more.

If you think your chances of being accepted for a mortgage or remortgage will be affected by your previous credit history, it may well be a good idea to get a copy of your Experian credit report. If you already have been previously declined then you most certainly should.

To get a mortgage or remortgage arranged very often needs specialist help.

If you order a copy of your credit report you receive all the information a lender could see using Experian as a credit reference agency. This includes public information and private financial details. Your application will be made under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998. It is only possible to get a copy of your own credit report; you cannot apply to see anyone else’s. You can only get information relating to UK addresses. If you currently live abroad you must provide Experian with documentation linking you to that address.

Nobody can tell you exactly how an individual mortgage lender will score your application. This is because lenders may take different information into account in their credit scoring and may can often give a differing weight in your credit score to different aspects that think are more important. So lender A might think that utility bill payments are more important than loan payments or visa verse.

They will certainly not tell you the precise way they calculate your score, as it is commercially sensitive information. But if you are refused credit, the lender should give you a basic explanation of how scoring works, tell you the main reason for their decision and say whether this decision was because of information on an applicants credit score or history.

Experian Address

If you wish to write to them the address is; 

Landmark House
Experian Way
NG2 Business Park
NG80 1ZZ

Experian Phone Number

08444 818 000

If you have had bad credit problems in the past we can still help you get the mortgage or remortgage you are looking for. Just complete our one minute quote enquiry form and a Mortgage expert will contact you at your convenience.

As long as your property value exceeds your debts you may well qualify for a remortgage. We have access to the whole market place and have lenders waiting to give you a quote.

We feel that everyone deserves another chance. We at Mortgagemap have unprecedented access to lenders who will be only too willing to help.

 If you are concerned that your credit history may affect your prospects for getting the mortgage you want, talk to a Mortgage Adviser or get a Mortgage Quote. We specialise in helping people with credit issues.

Having debt problems can be a huge burden. You may even be considering bankruptcy as a solution. Bankruptcy, however, leaves a long-lasting mark on your credit report. A better option may be to consolidate all your credit cards, secured and unsecured loans by way of a remortgage.

As long as your property value exceeds your debts you may well qualify for a remortgage. We have access to the whole market place and have lenders waiting to give you a quote.