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Remember even if normal "high street" lenders are unwilling to help you with a mortgage or remortgage we have access to sub prime mortgage lenders who are ready and willing to help you.

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Subprime Mortgage Lenders. Are they the problem or the solution?

When the housing market in America went into what looked like terminal decline it was the subprime mortgage lenders who took a lot of the blame along with the Bankers.

In the USA “foreclosures” as they call them or repossessions as we call then in the UK mortgage market were running at an alarming rate and it looked like the worldwide financial crisis was going to bring even the world’s largest economies to their knees.

The problem was blamed on mortgages being given to people who were a bad credit risk. Either because they’d had problems repaying loans and mortgages in the past or because the income they were earning was not enough to service the loan.

Subprime Mortgage Lenders UK.

They were turning a blind eye to past CCJ’s or loan defaults and taking on customers as fast as possible to grab market share in their greed for profits.

Proof of income which is normally a lenders key decider when considering someone for a mortgage was ignored and the massive numbers of people applying for “self-certification” was mushrooming out of all proportions. Self-certification basically means that you just tell the lender how much you earn and they take your word for it!

Who ever thought that was a good idea? A ten year old learning about personal finance at school would have seen the problem with that plan in 2 seconds.

The subprime guys were just banking on the fact that if the house values just continued to raise it didn’t matter if they couldn’t repay the loan as repossession (always the last resort for a lender) would get them their money back.

Of course as the house values went up “on paper” these bad credit borrowers were making money. There were a lot of people borrowing more money against their homes by way of second charges or credit card spending to the extreme.

Once the bubble burst of course it all went the way of the pear.

Negative equity, and unable to meet the repayments suddenly meant that repossessions were going through the roof.

The ensuing banking crisis meant that the banks and building societies suddenly reined in their cavalier lending policies and it got harder and harder to get approved for a mortgage. Even people with a reasonable credit track record were having a problem getting a mortgage.

Even people with years of being with the same lender were having trouble, but a problem remortgage, surely not.

Well yes, imagine being with a lender for many years and them refusing you a remortgage?

So how can the subprime mortgage lenders help ease the current housing market problems?

Well nowadays it’s so tough to get accepted for a mortgage by a high street lender that people cannot buy a property. First time buyers have to save bigger and bigger deposits and the whole thing is grinding to a halt.

We need to get the market moving again and the lenders who are prepared to take slightly more risk are now taking a big lead with this.

If you have had some credit problems in the past and are looking to get a mortgage or remortgage then at we have mortgage brokers who can help.

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