Mortgage Calculator

Our free to use calculator is only a rough guide and does not constitute a definite offer of a mortgage rate. To get a full quote you will need to speak to one of the mortgage advisers by requesting a call-back.

Also remember that the figures quoted when using this mortgage calculator to not include any insurance costs such as Buildings, Contents or Life Insurance.

Always speak to a qualified mortgage adviser for a more accurate illustration.

A mortgage broker will be able to arrange an "Agreement In Principle" (AIP) for you, which will add weight to your bargaining power when negotiating the property price. See AIP section, and also visit the "House Buying Process" section of this site, for more useful information.

In times of slower house sales your AIP could create leverage on the price of the home. The sellers are more interested in a quick sale and someone with an approval in hand is a better bet.

Our mortgage brokers can arrange an AIP for you, sourced from all the major UK lenders. Just fill out the no obligation enquiry form.

Please use our calculator as often as you wish, it is totally free of charge.