2 Mortgage Options from Barclay's, Fixed Rate or Variable Rate (Also Fixed) Bob Diamond a complete Banker.

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2 Mortgage Options from Barclay's, Fixed Rate or Variable Rate (Also Fixed)

July 02, 2012 at 1:12 PM


Barclays Fixing Mortgage Rates to Suit themselves. Shock

The latest scandal to hit our banks and building societies over rate fixing on the London inter-bank rate (LIBOR) is shocking to me. It's shocking that people find it shocking.

Can anyone really be surprised that the bank do something which is borderline criminal to make more millions in profits and bonuses on that has an detrimental effect on it's customers?

I shouldn't be making a joke out of this but you sort of have to laugh really or we'd all just be crying about it.

Here are some tweets that have been posted recently some funny and some of the usuall rants.


Barclays fined £290 million. As soon as they get the cash out of their Nat West account they’ll pay it.


Vice Chairman of Barclays Bank placed on the NHS national commissioning board two weeks ago. Lansley praised "track record of success"...


: The best way to save money when you are young is to keep expenses as low as possible - and not get fined for market fraud


Wasn't it the job of Marcus Agius to ensure the Barclays board did its job, not to erect a firewall to protect the Chief Executive?


Someone who isn't Bob Diamond has resigned from Barclays. For some reason.


For those of you disgusted by , here's a petition to withdraw their banking licence - please do sign:


Most read on  right now:  scandal claims chairman 


I hope departure of Agius is not deemed to have settled the scandal. Radical containment of  needed.


"The buck stops with me" - Marcus Agius, Barclays chairman, who will resign following rate-fixing scandal 


What's the point of having any laws at all in the UK if you're not going to bring criminal charges against Barclays

At least 12 banks are involved in  investigations: the fines may herald penalties for other lenders


Hasn't  exploded the 'confidence' myth? Reason banks arent 'confident' isn't about the public debt-they dont trust each others rates.


How many capitalist scandals do there need to be before ministers get the balls to admit the system itself is the problem? 

Been rigging interest rates for years and no one's ever called me "big boy" 

oh, but it's ok, Bob Diamond has said sorry.  



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