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If you're reading this page you are probably considering buying your first house or flat. The Home Buying process does like most things in life appear to be very frightening when attempted for the first time. You are possibly worried about all the paperwork involved, and a lot of the jargon used can seem like double dutch.

We suggest that you do 2 things, firstly read some of the other pages on this site regarding the house buying process. Then secondly speak to one of our qualified mortgage brokers by completing the enquiry form below.


A lot of people don't realise that they've got the financial resources to buy, or may have reasons that make them think they should carry on renting or living with family. If you take a little time exploring this website, however, you'll find answers too many of your questions, and hopefully the buying process will seem a little less scary.

Just about all of us wonder about the day we'll pick up the keys to our own home. Whether you like modern contemporaries or picket-fenced ramblers, the idea of owning a home is a dream.

But many people don't realise that home ownership doesn't have to be so far off in the future. We can help even if you have a very small deposit.

Why should you consider buying? First off, buying a house means you are not spending dead money month after month. House prices are generally on the rise, making bricks and mortar a great financial investment. Also, rents are always rising continue heading upward; your mortgage payment will be fairly consistent.

Always remember you cannot leave a full rent book in your will for the benefit of loved ones. Renting is just wasting money forever and a day.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

Looking for your first mortgage? Where do you start? Well you have various options and choices. Most people’s first point of call would be their own building society or bank.

As you already have a relationship with them you would naturally assume they would look more favourably on you.

I’m afraid those days are long gone. It’s a case of “the computer says no”. All lending decisions are based on strict mortgage lending criteria and the mangers discretion has all but been taken away.

All the major high street lenders offer a full range of mortgages. Or you might choose a small society that could offer you the benefit of its local knowledge.

If your needs are out of the mainstream, you could go to a specialist lender. If, say, you are self-employed, your credit history is less-than-perfect or you want a buy-to-let mortgage, a specialist lender could offer the most suitable solution.

If you are confident in knowing exactly what you want, you could apply over the phone or, with some lenders, take out a mortgage online. Not many borrowers choose to do this, at least at present, and it is easy to understand why.

With over 8,000 mortgages on the market, from such a range of providers, there is plenty of choice, but you may well be unsure as to which deal is best for you.

We feel therefore that it would make sense to consult a mortgage broker. A “whole market” broker will have access to every single mortgage on the market.

They are experts, and can quickly find the best deal to suit your needs. So, rather than trawling the high street and agonising over your choice, you could save time and, in the long run, substantial amounts of money, by speaking to a broker and getting the very best deal for your needs.

Our brokers have computer access to every lender so can sift through them all for you in seconds.

We can help, simply complete our one minute enquiry form and we can connect you to a broker and a great quote. 

Our First Time Buyer Mortgage Quote Promise to you is:

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