Looking to Remortgage?

You can get a better deal with a remortgage via a new lender and it could cost you nothing to switch. We have a free remortgage calculator to the right of this page which will give you an idea of monthly payments but if you want an exact quote or some remortgage advice complete the quote form. 


Our mortgage enquiry service is free to use and there's no obligation, so just fill out the form and we'll do the rest. You can get a quick quote and save money with a new mortgage. 

Refinancing gives you the opportunity to consolidate other debts into one easier monthly payment though we suggest you think carefully before taking on any new borrowing.

Most remortgage lenders try their level best to make the process of switching as easy and cheap as possible. With a new loan apart from the monthly saving of a lower interest rate many people take the opportunity to raise extra funds for debt consolidation, home improvements etc.

It's madness to pay the normal standard variable rate with your existing lender when so many better rates are on offer.

So why do people decide to do nothing and pay more than they need to, rather than take action? The fact that people are naturally averse to change is one of the main reasons, along with the perceived hassle and set up costs involved.

Well the good news is, lots of remortgage deals offer free valuation and legal costs and also fast track processing. By fast track we mean no employers references taken up, no income checks, often a desktop or drive by valuation rather than a full valuation.

The decision to fast track your application is normally taken if the loan to value (LTV) percentage is less than 75%, though different lenders have differing lending criteria.

Please be aware your existing lender may charge you certain fees in connection with repaying your current mortgage, (see Admin Fee), though your new re-mortgage lender may be willing to add the amount to your new loan so you don't have to find them upfront.

Re-Mortgage UK.

So to recap, you are losing out by paying more than you need to each month by not transferring your mortgage from your existing lender to a new one.

There are many valid reasons for choosing to do this. Apart from saving money on your monthly repayments, or raising additional capital, it could be that your personal circumstances have changed and you want to consider a different type of mortgage.

Whatever your circumstances, there is a huge choice of mortgage products to suit your needs.

If you would like to speak to a mortgage broker about your options we could arrange that for you.

For the very latest deals on offer from over 120 UK banks and building societies please complete the "Free Quote" enquiry form.

Remember our service is free to use and there is no obligation implied by completing the enquiry form.