Best Remortgage Deals

In these tough economic times many people just like you are looking for the best remortgage deals, or would like to raise extra money on our property to ease things financially. However the process often puts most people off.

Large numbers of UK homeowners pay more than they need to because they’d rather do nothing about it. People are losing money each month as they are paying more than they need to. If we all know we can pay less each month by changing mortgage providers why are more people not doing it?

So what do you need to do if you are seriously looking for the best remortgage deal? The first step is to complete our remortgage enquiry form and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest mortgage expert who can advise you on the best re-mortgaging options.


The first thing the mortgage broker will do is double check what type of mortgage you are currently on. This just makes sure you will not have to pay any redemption penalties to leave your current lender.

The adviser will then talk you through the options and choices you have for the different types of mortgage available in the market today.

Maybe you would like a "Fixed Rate" mortgage these give you a definite payment amount each month throughout the fixed rate term. So no up and down fluctuations.

"Discounted Mortgage Rates", these give a reduced rate during the initial discount period but the rate can still move up and down.

"Current Account mortgages" these mean that any additional payments immediately reduce the outstanding loan and you can benefit from paying off the mortgage much quicker.

Your remortgage broker can steer you throughout the entire remortgage process and will keep you up to date on your applications progress.

A 'redemption statement' will be ordered from your current building society or bank telling them exactly what amount of money is outstanding on your existing mortgage.

You then complete an application form from your new lender. The new lender values your home. Though this is not always needed especially if there is plenty of equity in your property.

If the new lender is happy with the paperwork then they will produce a new "mortgage offer" for you this has the full terms and conditions for the new loan.

Solicitors will then get involved so that the change over from your old to new lender goes through smoothly.

The remortgage process should take about two weeks if everyone is on the ball.

Our remortgage brokers can show you all the best mortgage deals currently available, as they monitor the market day in day out.

Raise extra monies to clear credit cards and loans

Fees-free products available

Raise capital for all purposes including business reasons

Market leading remortgage deals available

We are confident at mortgage map that we can get the type of mortgage you are looking for.

So if you want a better mortgage deal, or would like to raise extra capital, we’ll put you in touch with the nearest expert to you.