Halifax Kicks Us While We're Down

The Halifax amongst others are taking the opportunity to step on the throat of a great deal of it's mortgage customers safe in knowledge that they are defenceless.

Bradford & Bingley Raise Interest Rates

Bradford & Bingley has increased its mortgage rates by up to 0.55%, for new borrowers, from today.

Northern Rock May Face Legal Action

Vince Cable, the Liberal Treasury spokesperson, has asked Gordon Brown’s government to launch legal action against the former directors of Northern Rock.

First Direct Back in the Market

First Direct, the online and telephone lender owned by HSBC, has started accepting mortgages again.

High Street Robbery

Banks and Building Societies Use Sharp Practise to Make Millions From Lenders and Savers.

Mortgage Market Growth

The number of new mortgages approved rose sharply last month as the housing market continued to show signs of recovery from its slump.

Santander Fined By Regulator

Abbey (Formerly Abbey National) now part of Santander have been fined by the regulator.